the Quasi-Historical Costumer

...picturesque ramblings...


This journal is filled with my ramblings on costumes, modern and historical corsets, costuming for 1/3 scale ball jointed dolls, and some lolita fashion thrown in for good measure.

I try to keep my f-list managable and pretty much only have friends whose costuming or bjd journals I follow, but next to all of my entries are open to all, so feel free to friend me if you'd like!

I've been costuming since 1995 when I joined the Tolkien Society and realised that the 'having to' sew historical-ish dresses soon became 'obsessed with'. My early stuff were mostly medieval-inspired and usually modified away from being strictly period - that's the liberty when sewing Tolkien Society garb - but over the years my interest in historical clothing has grown and now I shun my earlier princess seams and crushed velvet. My great love and obsession is 18th C, but I make ocasional forays into the renaissance, and the 19th C late bustle era is also so gorgeous...

So many dresses to sew... =)