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2010 in review and 2011 plans

This year really hasn't felt very productive, what with a new job, and life, the universe and everything ;)
But still, some things were accomplished and now's the time to be proud and not mope about coulda woulda shoulda! =)

Some pictorial highlights:
review 2010

I had 14 projects planned for 2009 and I actually made 14, just not exactly the ones planned...
My goal was to use stashed fabrics as much as possible 2010, indicated by S

Finished projects this year
• 18th C pockets to match stays S FEB
• 18th C bjd gentleman's waistcoat S FEB
• 18th C waistcoat for Jo MAR
• 18th C cravatte for Jo S MAR
• faux fur jacket S APR
• 16th C handsewn flemish wool partlet MAY
• 16th C handsewn flemish linen partlet MAY
• 16th C handsewn flemish kirtle MAY
• 18th C bjd fur breeches S AUG
• wedding dress for Sister-in-law SEP
• 18th C CC-U pondicherry jacket S OCT
• 18th C bumroll to match stays S NOV
• 18th C picture hat S DEC
• faux fur hat S DEC

I realise now that I havn't posted pictures of half of these finished projects. Oups.

The stash resolution worked out quite well, the flemish I'd already made exceptions for (plus I got those fabrics for my b-day) and the wedding dress commission bloody well had to get new fabrics ;o)

I also kept up the 2009 resolution to only work on 3 projects at a time!

This year I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things and the joy of sewing by simplifying. I easily get caught up in things and get too ambitious. Not posting here because I don't have fabulous pictures to share with my updates; going nuts on handsewing and accuracy; stressing myself into crazy deadlines; over-ambitious projects...

F*ck that!
I don't want any must-dos, obligations or expectations to kill my sewing mojo this year!

2011 - the year of SIMPLIFYING!

In honor of this, I'm not making any plans for this year, but here are a few things that I hope to WANT to do =)

Wishes for 2011: (S=stashed fabric)
• 18th C kci redstriped jacket S STARTED
• 18th C blue/bronze Georgiana for me and/or bjd S
• 18th C pink and/or green floral anglaise for myself and/or bjd S
• 10th C viking for Jo
• 18th C pierrot pink striped S
• 15th C french working class

(If you're interested, here are my reviews from 2007, 2008 and 2009


Jan. 5th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
2010 might not have felt productive, but I think you achieved quite a lot (bearing in mind al those changes in your life)! Like you I haven't made a whishlist this year. I just seemed to get stressed by it, because I felt obliged to make everything on my list while I was also working on random other projects. This year I'll just see what comes on my path. Saying that, I really like some of the projects you hope to achieve :D.
Jan. 5th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm really hoping to work on things not just cos I wanted to a few months back and planned to, but because I really want to at the time when I'm actually sewing!

Here's to random projects that we really feel like making! =)

Costume Plans

Current Projects:

15th c French Peasant
16th c Kampfrau
10th c Viking
18th c Pet-en-l'air
Kidlet sized costumes

Finished Projects:

• 10th C linen Kidlet dress (by hand)
• 16th C Florentine child
• 10th C viking jacket for Jo (by hand)
• 20th C Titanic green
• 18th C kci redstriped jacket
• 10th C viking underdress (by hand)
• 10th C viking apron dress (by hand)
• 10th C undershirt for Jo
• 10th C viking tunic for Jo
• 10th C viking pants for Jo
• 10th C Kidlet shift (by hand)
• faux fur hat
• 18th C picture hat
• 18th C bumroll (by hand)
• 18th C CC-U jacket (by hand)
• wedding dress for Sister-in-law
• 18th C bjd fur breeches
• 16th C flemish kirtle (by hand)
• 16th C flemish linen partlet (by hand)
• 16th C flemish wool partlet (by hand)
• faux fur jacket
• 18th C cravatte for Jo
• 18th C waistcoat for Jo
• 18th C bjd gentleman's waistcoat
• 18th C pocket (by hand)
• 18th C new stays
• 18th C bjd kci zone jacket
• 18th C cotton polonaise
• 18th C linen cap (by hand)
• 18th C bjd sherbert dress
• 18th C petticoat to match stays
• 18th C bjd breeches (by hand)
• 18th C petticoat (by hand)
• 18th C linen shift (by hand)
• 18th C bjd linen shirt (by hand)
• 16th C cranach
• 18th C bjd striped/blue
• leather UB corset
• 18th C sheer petticoat
• 18th C bjd chemise a la reine
• gingerbread lolita
• grey viking pants(Jo)
• red viking pants (Jo)
• 19th C Sweeny Todd
• 19th C wash skirt
• 19th C four gore underskirt
• teapot lolita
• t-shirt doRedo pants
• 18th C breeches (Jo)
• 18th C shirt (Jo)
• 18th C shift
• 18th C petticoat
• 19th C chemise
• 19th C lobster bustle
• X-mas plaid lolita
• Waist cincher corset
• 18th C stays
• 18th C uniform coat (Jo)
• 1910 UB corset
2006 - 15C Dürer
2006 - Swan Dress
2005 - Corset Wench
2004 - 14C Workdress
2004 - Forest Fairy
2003 - 16C Doublet
2002 - 10C Viking Tent
2000 - 10C Viking
1995-2000 - all kinds of embarrassing costumes ;)

Resource Library:

Patterns of fashion 1
Patterns of Fashion 2
Patterns of Fashion
Costume in Detail
Historical Fashion in Detail - the 17th and 18th centuries
Period Costume for Stage & Screen 1500-1800
Period Costume for Stage & Screen 1800-1909
Corsets and crinolines
18th Century Embroidery Techniques
Eighteenth-Century French Fashions in Full Color
Medieval Tailor's Assistant

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: The costume maker's companion

Foundations Revealed - the Corsetmaker's Companion

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