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A year in review

To sum things up I'm snatching padawansguide's lists =)

What I had planned to sew in 2007:
• 15C Dürer Ever After Finished. Technicly it was wearable (and worn) in '06 but I still had emebellishments left and it was on my '07 list.

• 18C stays Finished

• 18C polonaise en fourreau Started - on hold
• 18C navy uniform for Jo Finished

• 1910 UB corset Finished

• Waist cincher corset Finished

• 1880 Victorian nowhere near starting =)
• 16C Cranach bought fabric
• 18C Sleepy Hollow striped nowhere near starting =)
• 18C Dangerous Liasons francaise Scrapped - they ran out of my planned fabrics =(

What I made that wasn't planned:
• Grand kilt for Jo Finished

• Christmas lolita Finished

• 1750/modern hooded jacket on hold

Plans for 2008:
• 1883 Victorian late bustle dress
• Victorian underpinnings
• 18C new pair of stays
• 18C finish polonaise en fourreau
• 18C floral cotton chemisedress or caraco
• 16C Cranach
• 18C breeches for Jo's uniform
• Viking pants for Jo
• Grey UB corset
• 15C Beatrice D'Este
• 16C Elizabethan

The thing that I learned just at the end of the year was that the only way to at least try to cure my CADD is to just allow myself to work on whatever I feel like at the moment. Sure, it might mean that I'll never get to finish some projects ;) but on the other hand I think it is better to do something instead of nothing.

Which means that I'm keeping my unfinished '07 projects on hold, which means I can has Victorian =)


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Jan. 12th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
Lady, you did an AMAZING amount of work in '07! Beautiful things! Great job!
Jan. 14th, 2008 10:45 am (UTC)
Thanks =)
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Costume Plans

Current Projects:

15th c French Peasant
16th c Kampfrau
10th c Viking
18th c Pet-en-l'air
Kidlet sized costumes

Finished Projects:

• 10th C linen Kidlet dress (by hand)
• 16th C Florentine child
• 10th C viking jacket for Jo (by hand)
• 20th C Titanic green
• 18th C kci redstriped jacket
• 10th C viking underdress (by hand)
• 10th C viking apron dress (by hand)
• 10th C undershirt for Jo
• 10th C viking tunic for Jo
• 10th C viking pants for Jo
• 10th C Kidlet shift (by hand)
• faux fur hat
• 18th C picture hat
• 18th C bumroll (by hand)
• 18th C CC-U jacket (by hand)
• wedding dress for Sister-in-law
• 18th C bjd fur breeches
• 16th C flemish kirtle (by hand)
• 16th C flemish linen partlet (by hand)
• 16th C flemish wool partlet (by hand)
• faux fur jacket
• 18th C cravatte for Jo
• 18th C waistcoat for Jo
• 18th C bjd gentleman's waistcoat
• 18th C pocket (by hand)
• 18th C new stays
• 18th C bjd kci zone jacket
• 18th C cotton polonaise
• 18th C linen cap (by hand)
• 18th C bjd sherbert dress
• 18th C petticoat to match stays
• 18th C bjd breeches (by hand)
• 18th C petticoat (by hand)
• 18th C linen shift (by hand)
• 18th C bjd linen shirt (by hand)
• 16th C cranach
• 18th C bjd striped/blue
• leather UB corset
• 18th C sheer petticoat
• 18th C bjd chemise a la reine
• gingerbread lolita
• grey viking pants(Jo)
• red viking pants (Jo)
• 19th C Sweeny Todd
• 19th C wash skirt
• 19th C four gore underskirt
• teapot lolita
• t-shirt doRedo pants
• 18th C breeches (Jo)
• 18th C shirt (Jo)
• 18th C shift
• 18th C petticoat
• 19th C chemise
• 19th C lobster bustle
• X-mas plaid lolita
• Waist cincher corset
• 18th C stays
• 18th C uniform coat (Jo)
• 1910 UB corset
2006 - 15C Dürer
2006 - Swan Dress
2005 - Corset Wench
2004 - 14C Workdress
2004 - Forest Fairy
2003 - 16C Doublet
2002 - 10C Viking Tent
2000 - 10C Viking
1995-2000 - all kinds of embarrassing costumes ;)

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